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by Mike Henneberger

You want the truth? You're 11-years-old and you can't handle the truth? Well, Rick Gutierrez is going to give it to you anyway.

"I talk about what I know," says Gutierrez. "I know about kids. I have two. I raised them." Gutierrez is one of the four comics from Season One of Gabriel Iglesias Presents: Stand-Up Revolution currently on tour with Gabriel Iglesias, and when the comic with two decades of experience takes the stage, no one is safe.

Check out this clip from Season One when Gutierrez picks on an audience member just like he does at a Stand-Up Revolution arena show—except the arena shows are all ages, and the audience member is usually much (much) younger.

Gabriel Iglesias Presents Stand-Up Revolution

"First they're shocked," says Gutierrez. "But next thing you know, they're laughing their asses off because they know I'm right. They know it's a joke."

Gutierrez has been a comic for two decades—almost as long as he's been a father. So it's natural that the two mix so well when he takes the stage to rant about kids these days and true family values with a passion that resonates almost as much as the true humor that it's all founded in.

"Kids nowadays want things for free," says Gutierrez. "The biggest thing I tell people, do not buy your kids video games. We’ve traded in the idea of having conversation. When I was at home and I cooked, we sat around the dinner table, we turned off the TV and we had a conversation. I never allowed a video game in my house. But what I did give them was libraries. That’s the difference. Education, reading—all that stuff we take for granted, that my parents never took for granted. My parents were poor, man. There was six kids. One day my sister ran away from home. My dad was like 'one down, five to go.'"

And after the show, Gutierrez proves that his set is not just an act. Like Gabriel Iglesias and everyone else on the tour, Gutierrez spends hours after the show talking with fans, taking photos. And just like he can't turn off being funny, he can't turn off being a dad. Before taking photos with the young Fluffy fans, he makes sure they thank their parents and asks them how they're doing in school.

Here are some photos of Rick Gutierrez "parenting" some kids after the Stand-Up Revolution Tour stop in McAllen, Texas.

"That's the reason I'm a comic, because I'm passionate about this," says Gutierrez. "We’ve drifted away from some of the old-school stuff, some of the old ideology of being a parent. I don’t want to be a friend to my kid. I want to be a parent. And I get tired of people going 'yeah it's the parents' fault.' And it is in some cases. I can't talk to my kid harshly. I can’t spank my kids. No man, it’s his fault too. He’s an idiot. You knew your kid was an asshole when you sent him to school. What did you think, eight hours later he was gonna come out prim and proper? He’s still an asshole. Take responsibility for that."

How's that for some truth telling? But don't worry, parents. At the end of the night, everyone walks out in one piece and with big smiles on their faces. "I sum it up in the end: don't beat your kids," says Gutierrez. "If you have to disciple them, discipline them. Sometimes kids do need a swat. But in the end of it, it's a joke."

You can catch Rick Gutierrez joking with the rest of the Stand-Up Revolution crew when the tour picks back up on the east coast in mid-April and as it rolls on throughout the country until the end of May. You can keep up with every move of the tour by going to Twitter and following @Comicrick, @Alfredrobles, @Martincomic, @Shaunlatham, @Trevornoah and @Fluffyguy.



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