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Is Aziz Ansari the Funniest Person on Twitter? Comedy Central Is Going to Bonnaroo Again!
by | comments:

All the greatest historians have been notorious drunks. Herodotus used to wake up every morning by drinking an Irish coffee. Sure, Ireland as a unified country did not exist yet, but Herodotus was incredibly ahead of his time.

Drunk History, Funny or Die's web series created by Derek Waters, has been carrying that proud tradition to the present day by recreating historical moments narrated by drunk comedians. For the past four years, big name celebrities like Michael Cera, Jack Black, Ryan Gosling, Will Ferrell, Jim Carrey and others have appeared on the Internet series.

Now, Comedy Central and Gary Sanchez Productions (the production company of Will Ferrell and Adam McKay) have joined forces for a new pilot based on the web series titled Drunk History Across America. 

Like the web series, Drunk History Across America will feature .istorical reenactments presented by besotted narrators. The show will also include some travel elements and interviews with the city’s locals who will drunkenly narrate local and personal history which, too, will be re-enacted by guest actors.

Sounds great! If you haven't seen the web series yet, here's the first episode starring Michael Cera and narrated by a drunken Mark Gagliardi.



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