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Is Stephen Colbert the Funniest Person on Twitter? Key & Peele Want You to Watch Fewer Rhino Snuff Films and More Viral Originals
by | comments:

Women zombies have come a long way. At one point, the undead heavily discriminated against reanimated female corpses. Lady zombies (or "lombies," as they don't like to be called) were paid lower wages for the same duties as male zombies, often receiving a cerebellum where a man would receive a frontal cortex. But as this deleted scene from Wednesday's episode of Ugly Americans shows, zombie Susan B. Anthony changed all that.

The deleted scene comes from creator Devin Clark's Tumblr. You should follow it. You should also follow Comedy Central while you're at it.

Ugly Americans airs Wednesdays at 10:30/9:30c after South Park.



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