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Paul F. Tompkins Doesn't Know the Rules of Daniel Day Lewis Is Jimmy Fallon the Funniest Person on Twitter
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Where all my ladies at? Make some noise, ladies! Do you like comedy, ladies? Do you like comedy ladies? Comedy Central's live New York comedy show Corporate Retreat is teaming up with G.L.O.C. (Gorgeous Ladies of Comedy) to bring you a night of funny women being funny. The line up features:

Host Glennis McCarthy

Kara Klenk
Kate Berlant
Annie Lederman
Amber Nelson
Music from The Reformed Whores
Improv from Doppelganger

Where all my fellas at? Put down your beer-flavored nachos and come to the show too! It's going to be fun. It's next Monday, April 16 at 8pm at the UCB East Theater. Make a reservation here!



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