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Is Jimmy Fallon the Funniest Person on Twitter Is Rob Delaney the Funniest Person on Twitter?
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The dudes and/or dudettes over at the Pop-Break blog caught up with Randy Pearlstein, who you might know better as the vocal radness behind Leonard Powers, the Department of Integration's resident ruling wizard on Ugly Americans. Here's an interesting factoid behind Leonard's character development from Pearlstein:

"I am of the mind that older people are funnier than younger people. And … there’s a comedian I love called Dick Capri, that you can find on YouTube. He did a Comedy Central roast I think, maybe the Shatner roast or something. But a really funny Catskills comedian. I thought he would be kind of a good, his comedy cadence would be right [for Leonard]. It’s strong, it’s opinionated, it’s lovable and so I kind of based [Leonard] on Dick Capri and it’s kind of found a life of it’s [sic] own."

Nice to see Pearlstein give some credit to a comedic legend. Mr. Capri apparently even predates Capri pants, which makes him not just hilarious but also old school as hell. You can find some clips of Capri here, and then jump to a Leonard scene here:


An all-new Ugly Americans airs tonight at 10:30/9:30c after South Park. More on UA and all other things great at the Comedy Central tumblr.



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