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The New York Comedy Festival Is Almost Here Trevor Noah Always Wanted to Be Black
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It's always hard picking the right Halloween costume. Should you go as a sexy maid, a sexy nun or a sexy armadillo? Well, this year, how about you ditch all those well-worn clichés and go as a sexy person who saw a bunch of great free comedy shows. All you need for the costume is to hit up the Hudson in Hollywood throughout October for Comedy Central Stage.

All shows start at 8pm with limited seating. Call (323) 960-5519 for reservations.

3 Wednesday
Comedy Troupe
Bold, fearless and off the cuff, LA’s hottest comedy troupe Duchess Riot is all-female and all-funny. Featuring Lauren Howard Brown, Suzanne Cotsakos, Chelsey Crisp, Katie Elsaesser, Dione Hardin, Debbie Lockhart, Jen McGlone and Erin Muroski.

4 Thursday
Musical Improv
Original comedy and musical improv inspired by the Second City style of musical improv. It is musical comedy to make you go “oops upside your head”, then sing about it. With David Carmon, Laura Barbera, Nikki Muller, Kate Gaffney and Jaya Subramanian.

10 Wednesday
Written and Performed by Peter Moses & Frank Cappello
Frank and Peter have been living in Los Angeles for two years…and they’ve got everything figured out. Starring Peter Moses and Frank Cappello with Caitlin Kimball, Chase Newell, Nick Marcucci, Rebecca Rivera, Sara Lindsay, and Nicholas Cutro.

11 Thursday
Writers' Reading Series
Come check out L.A.’s longest running spoken word show. With Marc Evan Jackson, Lou Dimaggio, Annie Korzen, David Dean Bottrell, Chase Winton, and a musical guest. Presented by Jill Soloway, Maggie Rowe & Andersen Gabrych.

17 Wednesday
Sketch Comedy
After their sitcom is cancelled, “America’s Favorite TV Family” decides to produce their own variety show. Of course, the Kuntzes are a Hollywood mess; and their dysfunction is on display every week, along with new sketches, videos, special guests and a big musical number!

23 Tuesday
Jon Monastero and Stephen Simon
L.A.’s premiere physical comedy duo combines elements of clown, mime, slapstick and dance to create original, indelible shows. Ten West returns to the CC Stage with a series of vignettes in the style that has made the duo beloved across North America. Directed by Bryan Coffee.

24 Wednesday
Sex and Death
Cream’s sketch show explores the wonders of sex, death, and all of life’s biggest questions including: does Jacob have a penis? Written and Starring: Cream (Sergio Cilli, Casey Feigh, Betsy Sodaro and Jacob Womack). Directed by Ryan Perez. Featuring stand-up comedy from Michael Palascak.

25 Thursday
Writers' Reading Series
More true stories from real people at L.A.’s longest running spoken word show. With Dylan Brody, Erin Brown, Mike Defenbeich, Jessica Williamson, and Janet Blake. Presented by Jill Soloway, Maggie Rowe and Andersen Gabrych.

30 Tuesday
David Razowsky and Carrie Clifford
R & C have performed their signature long form two-person improv show at theaters and festivals around the globe. They relish in the purist form of improv—starting with nothing. Random placement of two chairs dictates the entire performance, variety of characters and their relationships.



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