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DL Hughley Wants to Save the Black Man CC:Stand-Up Is the New Stand-Up Website of Your Dreams
by | comments:

Remember the 90s? We were all doing The Bartman, feeding our Tamagotchis and pledging to only wear neon. It was also the birth of Comedy Central and watching stand-up on basic cable.

In honor of #RetroWeekend, CC:Stand-Up is highlighting their favorite 90s stand-up from Dave Chappelle, Bill Hicks, Wanda Sykes and more. Get started with a Louis C.K. clip from the 1993 series Two Drink Mimimum. He opens with a diarrhea joke, closes with a Ross Perot joke. Some things never change.

Be sure to get in on the Retro Weekend fun by tweeting your photos and memories of the 80s and 90s to @ComedyCentral with hashtag #RetroWeekend. They might even end up on the air.



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