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Chris Hardwick Enjoys Social Networking Watch Kyle Kinane in 30 Seconds Over Washington
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As election day fast approaches, our nation is as greatly divided as ever. But there remains one issue upon which all Americans can rally behind: free comedy. And there's a whole month of exactly that kicking off tonight at The Hudson in Hollywood.

All shows start at 8pm with limited seating. Call (323) 960-5519 for reservations.

1 Thursday
Brian Finkelstein and friends
Brian Finkelstein (Ellen DeGeneres show, the Moth) gathers some of L.A.’s best comedians for a night of poker and sick F**king stories. We apologize in advance for what will be said in this show. With Michael Bunin (My Boys), Jackie Clarke (Happy Endings), Curtis Gwinn (Animal Practice), Laura Krafft (The Colbert Report), Charlie Sanders (Key & Peele)…plus special guests!

5 Monday
Created by Brian Gattas
With the help of a special celebrity guest, John Roberts (Bob’s Burgers), performers Bob Dassie, Jeff Drake, Brian Gattas, Laura Krafft, Wendy Molyneux, Dana Powell, Adrian Wenner and Ethan Sandler embark on a long-form improvisation where there real life celebrity is pressed into service as a faux celeb’s personal assistant. Voted “Best Improv Show” ~ LA Weekly.

8 Thursday
Written and Performed by Allison Bosma
A one-woman sketch show follows Hoight, as he tries to get to a party to find his crush. We see the eight unique characters he encounters as he makes his way on what seems like an impossible journey to meet his dream girl.

12 Monday
Cate Freedman and Neal Dandade
Cate and Neal are taking a break from the Second City National Touring Company to host a thing. A big thing. A thing with scenes, monologues, and songs about characters going through big things. Real big things. Like breakups, college, and being drunk on career day. Human things. It’s going to be a big thing. Directed and music by Scott Goldstein.

19 Monday
Written and Performed by Monster Party
Monster Party, a Los Angeles based sketch group that loves to party, MONSTER style, is back with a brand new sketch show that’s sure to delight and offend. All work created by Michael Dias, Sarah French, Candice Goodman, Joshua Hoover, Corey Krueger, Ruffy Landayan, Carlos Orlando, Allison Ramirez, Candida Rodriguez and Justin Young.

27 Tuesday
Sketch Comedy
Sketch comedy performed by a group of best friends who may also be lovers. Will Ross and Rachel ever end up together? Written and performed by Michael Aspinwall, Doug Bass, Matt Cook, Katierose Donohue, Tom Fonss, Kate Frisbee, Courtney Pauroso and Corey Podell. Directed by Mikey Day.

28 Wednesday
Follow Your Own Weird
An original sketch comedy group sprouting out of the cracks of the infamous Venice Beach. The iNT creates a fast paced flipbook of comedic genius inspired by their community, culture and personal baggage. With Betsy Currie, Mike Geary, Elliott Pelle and Stephanie Hodgdon. Created and Directed by Jeff Leaf.

29 Thursday
Writers' Reading Series
People telling tales on themselves. With Monica Piper, Taylor Negron, John Levenstein, Cathy Ladman and Timothy Jenkins, plus a special musical guest. Presented by Jill Soloway, Maggie Rowe & Andersen Gabrych.



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