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Kyle Kinane Combines Myth and Whiskey Owen Benjamin Knows Comics to Watch
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The New York Comedy Festival is like a really cool rainbow. Some of us saw it, and when it was over we had to tell others all about it. For the record, I majored in Amazing Analogies at Ivy League University.

Last week Gabe Liedman opened for Patton Oswalt at Town Hall, declaring that Hurricane Sandy hit him so hard that he "almost ran out of shit to watch." Liedman went on to dissect Game of Thrones, the fantasy genre and holding in huge veggie farts on a J-Date.

Patton entered the stage coughing, claiming that he doesn't have any "fitness goals." He described contemplating a blissful suicide to Toto's "Africa" while Lean Cuisine shopping, making horrible decisions for seconds of pleasure, telling his Bagger Vance that his brain will be used for dick jokes and his apologies to masturbation.

Nearing the end, Patton thanked the crowd for coming out and announced that half the proceeds of the night were going to the American Red Cross. He also marveled that "you could have seen Brian Regan and you came here." It's been well documented that Oswalt loves Regan. Patton even ended his show with an encore (a practice that Regan has been doing for years). Backstage Oswalt said that he usually doesn't do encores but felt that tonight he needed to and that Regan is a legend that "has to do them."

Joining Patton backstage were two audience members: Chris Rock and Robin Williams. Rock shook Patton's hand and said, "I better get writing." Seeing this was better than a double rainbow.

More New York Comedy Festival coverage is on the way. Watch the entire Comics to Watch showcase at




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