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Kyle Kinane Is a Whiskey Icarus Patton Oswalt's Brain Is Going to Be Used for Dick Jokes
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The New York Comedy Festival is over. Time to sadly pack away the comedy tinsel and decorations for next year. But don't start tearing up yet, there's still one last remain of the festival: Kyle Kinane.

At UCBeast last week, Kinane discussed the Toby Keith Bar & Grill in Las Vegas, what he did with his last perceived five minutes of life, the time he freed a skunk from a mayonnaise jar and the side effects of loving parents. Kyle also answered some of our questions about his new stand-up special and the Titanic. Read on.

Who do you like to see live?
Always have fun seeing Matt Braunger, Pete Holmes, they're my friends — saw Pete today randomly on the street.

Those are all Chicago guys, right?
Yeah. Stems from there.

Do you think that's affected your style? Being from the Midwest?
I don't know. I think we're just a bunch of guys that really liked writing new material every week and going to the open mic, 'Do you have new stuff? Do you have new stuff? Please watch the new stuff.'

Your one-hour special Whiskey Icarus premieres Saturday, November 24 at 11/10c. What is a Whiskey Icarus?
It's a punchline. It's the nickname I gave myself. I got a DUI. The myth of Icarus and the whiskey of whiskey.

What is your favorite whiskey?
Oh man, I usually just drink Jameson. I've been getting Scotch lately.

Have you tried honey whiskey?
I don't want it to taste good. It should taste like poison. Stop after a couple.

If you could do stand-up during any historical period when would you do it?
I think if you did stand-up on the Titanic, that would be a pretty legendary thing. Someone who kept telling jokes.

Like the violin players playing as the ship sunk?
Yeah, kind of like the same thing. But if you were really good you would just stay on the boat and riff. If you were really good some people would also stay in the audience and go down with you. Granted, nobody can write a review of the show. It would be a testament to your skill set if you could keep a couple of people in the audience.

Tune in to the premiere of Whiskey Icarus, Saturday, November 24 at 11/10c. Watch a preview:



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