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Gary Gulman Takes on the Economy Get Reacquainted with Eugene Mirman
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If the Mayans were right, we've got just a few more weeks before the end of the world, which means this month may very well be your last chance to see some free comedy at Comedy Central Stage. Luckily, you'll have seven opportunities to do just that, starting tonight.

All shows start at 8pm with limited seating at The Hudson in Hollywood. Call (323) 960-5519 for reservations.

3 Monday
Written and performed by Liz Bolton and Jordan Rennick
Our parents woke up early, had mortgages and made birthday parties fun. Doesn’t that sound impossible? Lex and Joe are thirtysomething in Los Angeles where no one seems to have any of this figured out. Also featuring Kelly Ewing, Steve Florian, Brad Gage, Eileen O’Connell, Roxana Ortega, Joey Ready, Courtney Richards, Billy Scott, John Shartzer and London Thor. Directed by Mitch Silpa.

4 Tuesday
Jen D’Angelo
Written and performed by Jen D’Angelo (MTV, The Laugh Factory), this sketch show blends live and video segments as it follows five contestants competing in the Little Miss Chattanooga beauty pageant. There can be only one winner, and it certainly won’t be the girl with the flute because everyone hates her. She’s gross.

5 Wednesday
Sketch Comedy Group
Butt University, a sketch show from Chicago-born Sad On Vacation, follows a band of single-minded characters whose appetite for good times is rivaled only by their complete lack of regard for the consequences. They’ve appeared at Groundlings, Just For Laughs Fest, and with Bob Odenkirk’s Not Inappropriate Show and Gentlemen’s Club.

6 Thursday
Dropping Truth Bombs in Yo Ear Holes
Someone told a lie at Jefferson Elementary! Fortunately, Principal Paul isn’t having it. He’s hired motivational group Hip Hop Penguin to teach the entire student body a lesson about power of truth. Can these reformed criminals, turned hip hop inspirationalists, drop a bomb on target? Written and performed by Sergio Cilli, Casey Feigh, Rene Gube, Nick Mandernach, and Jacob Womack.

11 Tuesday
Daniel Acker and Sara Cravens
Daniel and Sara highlight the awful, weird, and uncomfortable things you put up with when you’re in love. A brand of sketch comedy so personal, you’ll probably meet your soul mate or vomit into your own mouth repeatedly. These two are quite the pair.

12 Wednesday
Lost Friends
Between them, Michael James Nelson, Guerrin Gardner, Lauren Phillips and Donald Ian Black have graced your eyeballs with appearances on television, commercials and film. Now, these Lost Friends cordially and affectionately invite you to an evening of funny sketch both in the flesh and on the medium screen.

13 Thursday
Writers' Reading Series
It’s the annual Sit n’ Spin holiday show. The biggest of the dang year. Featuring as always the wonderful and seasonal Gary Stockdale and friends, plus Spencer Green, Eddie Pepitone, Drew Droege, and Terri Mintz. Presented by Jill Soloway, Maggie Rowe and Andersen Gabrych.



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