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The Half Hour Tapes in Boston Just Announced: The Half Hour Line-Up
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Whether Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow or not, one thing you can definitely predict about February is another month full of great, free comedy shows at Comedy Central Stage.

All shows start at 8pm with limited seating at The Hudson in Hollywood. Call (323) 960-5519 for reservations.

6 Wednesday
Comedy Troupe
Bold, fearless and off the cuff, LA's hottest comedy troupe Duchess Riot is all-female and all-funny. Featuring Lauren Howard Brown, Suzanne Cotsakos, Chelsey Crisp, Katie Elsaesser, Dione Hardin, Debbie Lockhart, Jen McGlone and Erin Muroski.

7 Thursday
The Speakerboxx/Love Below Show
After 8 years of performing sketch comedy together, Marques and Randall are calling it quits. Come discover why they're parting ways and if there's any hope for their future. Written and performed by Randall Park and Marques Ray.

13 Wednesday
Improv Comedy
Long-Form Improv that exposes a little too much. The LA Examiner calls them "a tight-knit, tightly-wound group of improv titans…one of the most consistent on-the-spot groups." Featuring Christopher Duva, Jeff Grimm, David Jacks, Patrick McGrath and Samantha Roy.

20 Wednesday
That’s Show Bizzus
A journey through Hollywood and satire and political and love and relationships and parody and social hot button issues. And fun and laughs and buh buh buh…zzzzzzzzz. Delicious Moments is Brian Shortall and Ithamar Enriquez.

21 Thursday
Writers' Reading Series
True stories from real people. (Now the 3rd Thursday of every month). With Ron Zimmerman, Rick Overton, Tom Saunders, Fia Perera, Katya Lidsky and special musical guest. Presented by Jill Soloway, Maggie Rowe and Andersen Gabrych.

25 Monday
Seen any personal essay shows? This is worse. Shlomique Bloomingdale and her “writing students” improvise personal essays and hold a Q & A with the audience. Featuring Sara Cravens, Drew Droege, Phyllis Katz, Mike Rose and Chase Winton. Directed by Phyllis Katz.

26 Tuesday
MANEATER: The True Story of the Champawat Tigress
Written by and Starring Matt Dennie and Josh Sharp
Witness the true story of a menacing tigress that killed 436 people before being gunned down by a legendary hunter. Through song, dance and some stage magic, Matt Dennie and Josh Sharp will show you that no one is safe from the tiger's claws. These events are 100% insanely true.

27 Wednesday
Jon Monastero and Stephen Simon
L.A.’s premiere physical comedy duo returns with INEFFABLE their hit show all about death. "Breathtakingly hilarious and infinitely theatrical…these top notch farceurs have achieved poignancy, laughs, pathos, charm, and more." Directed by Bryan Coffee.



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