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March at Comedy Central Stage February at Comedy Central Stage
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There are two types of people in this world — those who live in Boston and those who don't. If you are one of the former, then you have no excuse to miss free tapings of the second season of The Half Hour from Tuesday, February 26 - Friday, March 1. Fill out a free ticket form HERE. Do it now before you forget.

This season features: Andy HaynesBaron VaughnBen KronbergCristela AlonzoDan SoderDan St. GermainErik GriffinGabe LiedmanJared LoganJoe DeRosaJonah RayLil RelMike Lawrence, Nikki Glaser, Sean O'Connor, Brody Stevens and Sean Patton.

In the meantime, watch some of the stand-ups' former work below. See you in Boston.



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