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The Half Hour: Season Two Premieres May 3 South Beach Comedy Festival: Sun, Sand and Stand-Up
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Comedy Central Stage

It's a new month, which means there's a whole new slew of free comedy shows at Comedy Central Stage! All shows start at 8am with limited seating at The Hudson in Hollywood. Call (323) 960-5519 for reservations.

April Fools! All shows start at 8pm! You really ought to be ashamed of yourself for falling for that.

2 Tuesday
Family Sandwich
Sketch group Family Sandwich lampoons the wide world of podcasting the only way podcasters can’t – with live sketch. Featuring Brad Gage, Heidi Gardner, Melissa Hunter, Kirstin Keagy, and Eric Lombart.

3 Wednesday
Brian McElhaney & Nick Kocher
BriTANick (rhymes with Titanic) is the two part comedy explosion of Nick Kocher and Brian McElhaney. They have performed sketch, improv and standup all over the country and put out a series of internet videos that have amassed over 25 million views worldwide.

11 Thursday
Sketch Comedy
Whit, Clay, Budd and Rod are a comedy collective living in L.A. Their live show is a chaotic blend of musical and interactive bits that often involve audience plants, games, characters, stage tackling, and EXTREME friendship.

17 Wednesday
DAMN, GIRL: A Two Lady Show
Written by and starring Liz Bolton and Beth Crosby
From the off-kilter minds of Liz Bolton (Boom Chicago, Groundlings Sunday Co) and Beth Crosby (Second City Theatricals, Jessica and Hunter web series) comes a multimedia extravaganza featuring hot lesbians detectives, Hancock Park socialites, and a couple of girls who’d give it all up to get pregnant. Original music by Dan Wessels.

18 Thursday
Writers' Reading Series
Totally true tales from totally real people (the 3rd Thursday of each month). With Jessica Williamson, Stirling Gardner, Tamar Halpern, and Tom O’Connor with music by Gary Stockdale. Presented by Jill Soloway, Maggie Rowe and Andersen Gabrych.

24 Wednesday
Solo Performers That Don’t Suck
Performing individually, producing great work collectively. An evening of comedic storytelling, characters and standup featuring Carla Cackowski, Drew Droege, Brendan Hunt, Molly Prather, and Antonio Sacre.

25 Thursday
Monster Party Rises #Hard
Featuring a motley crew of actors that go the distance for comedy, Monster Party are the champions for the 1st Annual Scripted Cage Match competition at IO West.

29 Monday
Sketch Comedy written by Christopher Duva
What is Duva? Where can I find Duva? How do I Duva? Find out the answers to these questions and more with sketches, songs and video in ¡DUVA! With Christopher Duva, Tom Fonss (Groundlings Sunday Co), Crissy Guerrero (The Paul F. Tompkins Show), Courtney Pauroso (Big Boss Comedy) and Joel Spence (Don’t Trust the B…).

30 Tuesday
All-Female Sketch Comedy
There Will Be Snacks features eight talented female writer-performers engaging in some serious girl-on-girl comedy action. With Sara Amini, Alicia Bien, Alexis Notabartolo, Diona Reasonover, Licia Shearer, Alison Tafel, Lynn Trickey and Carolyn Marie Wright.



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