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June at Comedy Central Stage The Half Hour: Season Two Premieres May 3
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Comedy Central Stage

It's May, and if you think Comedy Central Stage is taking the month off, you must be some kind of a damn fool. They've got a whopping eight shows this month, all free and all hilarious.

All shows start at 8pm with limited seating at The Hudson in Hollywood. Call (323) 960-5519 for reservations.

7 Tuesday
CHARLES Presents:
A Cavalcade of Talk Noises
Critically acclaimed Seattle sketch duo Charles showcases their highly intelligent and subversive brand of sketch comedy in a new show. Come see the group Center Stage Chicago called “absolute brilliant,” and which The Stranger heralded as “one of the most inspiring chucks of comedy produced all year.”

9 Thursday
Matt Price and Ilyse Mimoun
Matt and Ilyse debate one of the most important questions of our time by delving deep into emoticons, twin threesomes, and the rationale for calling someone ‘blubberbutt.’ Mr. Price recurred on TNT’s Men of a Certain Age and won a writing Emmy for Cartoon Network’s Regular Show and Ms. Mimoun appeared on many TV shows including Hart of Dixie and 90210.

14 Tuesday
Lindsey Fisher and Patrick Babbitt
Hot Butt is a sketch comedy team based in L.A. and created by comedians Lindsey Fisher and Patrick Babbitt. Both performers came out of the Chicago comedy scene having studied at IO and Second City. Their humor comes from a wonderful chemistry on stage and painfully awkward situations.

15 Wednesday
Written by Ben Siemon, music by Ben Siemon & Scott Passarella
It’s time L.A. got its own puppet musical comedy. Follow Joe Green and his friends as they combat jealousy, commercial auditions, terrible jobs, and worst of all: living in the Valley. “I love this show. It’s really smart, very true, and a lot of fun.” – Jeff Marx, co-creator of Avenue Q.

16 Thursday
Writers' Reading Series
Come here funny stories about people’s pain (the 3rd Thursday of each month). With Kathleen Dennehy, Spencer Greene, Leigh Koechner, Jeff Kahn, Terri Mintz, and music by David Zasloff. Presented by Jill Soloway, Maggie Rowe and Andersen Gabrych.

20 Monday
Sketch Variety Show
After their sitcom is cancelled, “America’s Favorite TV Family”, decides to produce their own variety show. The Kuntzes are a Hollywood mess; and their dysfunction is on full display, along with sketches, videos, special guests and a big musical number.

21 Tuesday
Heather Anne Campbell and Miles Stroth
All-time UCB Cagematch Champions (49-0); LA Weekly calls Heather & Miles, “intellectually nimble, character driven…beautiful chaos.” Performing their signature long-form improv set, the pair weaves characters and stories together into a single narrative piece.

30 Thursday
JURASSIC PARK: The Musical & THE SHINING! The Musical!
A Double Feature from Davis & Sons
Davis & Sons is Matthew Patrick Davis and Joe Chandler & Zach Paez, presenting two of their half-hour musicals back-to-back. Jurassic Park, featuring the songs “Clever Girl” and “Vision’s Based on Movement,” and The Shining, featuring the hit single “I’m Gonna Bash Your F*cking Brains In.”



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