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John Oliver's New York Stand-Up Show Is Back! June at Comedy Central Stage
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Comedy Central Stage

July is America's birthday and there's no way to celebrate living in the land of the free than by going to the free comedy shows at Comedy Central stage.

All shows start at 8pm with limited seating at The Hudson in Hollywood. Call (323) 960-5519 for reservations.

9 Tuesday
Monster Party Rises #Hard
Champions of the 1st Annual Scripted Cage Match competition at iO West. They bring you a sketch comedy show that answers all the questions you’ve never wondered about. With Candida Rodriguez, Allison Ramirez, Candice Goodman, Corey Kruger, Nikki McKenzie, Brandon Bell, Josh Hoover and Sarah French.

10 Wednesday
Laura Baggett
Written and performed by Laura Baggett, Cosmic Connection takes you on a “comedic journey.” Playing all different characters, Laura explores the idea that maybe we have more in common than we think. Directed by Annie McVey.

16 Tuesday
Chris McGowan
To err is to be human. But what if we could fix all those mistakes from the past? With the help of “Back to the Future” and hours of watching the Science Channel, Chris McGowan may have the answers to his life’s problems—by building a time machine!

18 Thursday
Writers' Reading Series
People telling the truth about their lives – even when it makes them look shitty. Always the 3rd Thursday of every month. With Andersen Gabrych, Carlos Kotkin, Loretta Fox, Susan Tierny and Penny Orloff. Presented by Jill Soloway and Maggie Rowe.

24 Wednesday
Meghan Gambling & Jason Carmody
Once described as Sonny & Cher meets Tenacious D, IDENTITY CRUSH is known for their enthusiastic lyrics and aggressive performance style. With hits like “Man Feet,” and “Kitty Apocalypse,” this intense music duo is 1 part couples therapy, 2 parts rock n’ roll, and 10 parts indecent! Do the math!

25 Thursday
Hosted by Laura Crawford
The Studious Smackdown, The Brainy Brawl, NERD FIGHT is a stand-up, game show with a wrestling match attitude. Four of L.A.’s finest comic personas go head-to-head in a trivia battle for the right to lay down stand-up sets. With Laura Crawford, Pat Reilly, Adam Murray, Matt McCarthy, Ahmed Bharoocha, and David Venhuizen.

31 Wednesday
Written by Kara Lee Burk
Beau and Dottie are the perfect 1950’s sitcom couple, other than the fact Beau is gay, Dottie is his beard and they’re constantly having to hide the truth from their nosy neighbors. Cast: Fiona Gubelmann, Alex Staggs, Jackie Tohn, Marc Evan Jackson, Beth Crosby, Jamison Scala, Brandon Econ, and Jessica Sattelberger. Directed by Marc Warzecha.

Thursday, August 1st
It Could Be Worse: Everything’s Great and I Can’t Stop Crying
Written and Performed by Kristen Studard
Kristen Studard recently moved to L.A. and is telling her mom it’s going well. And it is. Right?…Kristen has performed at Just For Laughs Chicago, SF Sketchfest, Bridgetown Comedy Fest, Chicago Sketchfest, and countless theaters, bars, bookstores and backyards. Oh, and the Chicago Tribune once called her “rubberfaced”, which she’s pretty sure is a compliment.



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