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October at Comedy Central Stage Line-Up Announced for 10th Annual New York Comedy Festival!
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In honor of the ninth month of the year, Comedy Central Stage has a whopping nine free comedy shows for you in September. Herman Cain would be proud.

All shows start at 8pm with limited seating at The Hudson in Hollywood. Call (323) 960-5519 for reservations.

10 Tuesday
Stand-up Comedy
One of Los Angeles’ longest running comedy show is celebrating a night of diverse stand up by Lizzy Cooperman (The Late Late Show), Asterios Kokkinos (Fuel TV’s The Daily Habit), Alex Mesrobian (Klasky Csupo Writer), and host Ed Galvez (The Fort Podcast).

12 Thursday
Steven Sears, David Alfano and Josh Callahan
Fortune and Glory (Steven “Fortune” Sears, David “Glory” Alfano and Josh “and” Callahan) is an L.A. based improv troupe who take a single suggestion, and audience, on a 30 minute expedition through the important and far-less important themes of life.

18 Wednesday
Amber Ruffin and Lauren Van Kurin
This 2 person satirical musical comedy is inspired by the hit documentary “King of Kong”, which follows 2 men on their quest to hold the classic video game high score. Ruffin and Van Kurin play all the roles themselves. A laugh-out-loud night of music, comedy and choreography inspired by Donkey Kong!

19 Thursday
Writers' Reading Series
People dissecting themselves and their lives for your amusement (now 3rd Thursday of each month.) With David Zasloff, Annabelle Gurwitch, Annie Girard, Camille Solari and Spencer Green. Presented by Jill Soloway, Maggie Rowe and Andersen Gabrych.

24 Tuesday
Improv Comedy
It’s improvmania as these indie improv heart-throbs win over prepubescent girls with grounded acting, patient scenework, and huge group scene OMGs! Celebrity-It Boys: Don Colliver, Chase Fein, Bob Ladewig, Timm Sharp, Tyler Watson, and Dream Girls: Kate Huffman, Heather Woodward.

25 Wednesday
Written and Performed by John Hartman
John Hartman is an actor and writer based in Chicago. He has written and performed two solo shows, both of which received TimeOut Chicago Critic’s Picks, and he has also performed at the TBS Just for Laughs Festival and Edinburgh Fringe Festival. See and watch more at:

Isaac Kessler and Ken Hall
Currently one of the hottest Canadian acts around, the absurd and unpredictable tag-team sketch/improv duo of Isaac Kessler and Ken Hall take you on a quest of surmountable odds and indefinably funny comedy!

30 Monday

Written and Directed by Cat Rhinehart
“My S-O Imagination” is a hilarious new web series lampooning the single-girl psyche from the inside out. Come see a screening of the latest episodes intermixed with stand-up comedy. With Cat Rhinehart, Maria Shehata, Dwayne Perkins, Andrew Sleighter, Brian Moote and Rye Silverman.

Tuesday, October 1st
Dominic Burgess & Sara Cravens
Dom & Sara present PG-30: a collection of scenes, stories, and multimedia bits about how the normal, everyday things in adult life…are so much more uncomfortable when parents are around. We may be 30, but in our parent’s eyes, we’ll always be the babies who need their guidance.



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