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February at Comedy Central Stage November at Comedy Central Stage
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It's a new year and a new month, which means there's a new batch of awesome free comedy shows at Comedy Central Stage.

All shows start at 8pm with limited seating at The Hudson in Hollywood. Call (323) 960-5519 for reservations.

9 Thursday
Ellie Kemper and Christina Gausas
Ellie Kemper (The Office, Bridesmaids) and Christina Gausas (Mike Birbiglia’s Dream, The Incredible Burt Wonderstone) do the best two-person improv you’ve ever seen in your entire life.

14 Tuesday
Teenage Mountain Lion
The Wait List has been creating internet sketches, award-winning shorts, live shows and precious friendships for over 5 years. Join them for a live performance and clips from their upcoming web series “Teenage Mountain Lion.” Featuring John Davies, Jordan Dunn, Ali Ghandour, Anne Lane, and Chris Reinacher with special guest Jerrod Carmichael.

16 Thursday
Writers' Reading Series
Sad, dirty, funny stories from sad, dirty funny people (always the 3rd Thursday of every month). With Xaque Gruber, Liesel Euler, Bill Vallely, and Patte and Ronda Starr. Music by Clinton Pickins. Presented by Jill Soloway, Maggie Rowe and Andersen Gabrych.

21 Tuesday
Sketch Comedy group
Goatface Comedy brings their viral sketches to life! Sketches. Dancing. Furry friends. Be there. Performers are: Hasan Minhaj, Asif Ali, Aristotle Athiras and Fahim Anwar.

23 Thursday
Katie Crown
Can you believe that this is Katie’s first solo show? It’s true! For ONE NIGHT ONLY, the “comedic genius” who’s been on Conan, The Nerdist, HBO, and listed in L.A. Weekly’s “10 Comics To Watch”, will tell a joke! Come and see what everyone is reading this about!

28 Tuesday
Erica Watson
Through personal vignettes, anecdotes and video clips, “Fat Bitch!” offers a humorous and honest glimpse at the American “fat and sassy” black woman stereotype that we have all grown to accept.

29 Wednesday
An Evening of Stand-up Comedy
Steve’s standup has been featured on several shows including NBC’s The Tonight Show, ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live, and TBS’s Conan. He has also appeared in the hit comedies The Dilemma, Couples Retreat, and Four Christmases. His most recent hour special, The Byrne Identity, premiered last year on Comedy Central to rave reviews.

30 Thursday
Created by Chris Fleming
Gayle Waters-Waters and her daughter Terry Gross Waters-Waters, from the hit web series GAYLE, bring you a night of mother-daughter debauchery set in a suburban wasteland. It has been featured in Cosmopolitan, The New Yorker, and Forbes boasts, “No major studio has created a stranger, more adeptly archetypal, and consistently funnier character than Gayle Waters-Waters.”



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