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Latest Posts: Friday April 18, 2014

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Not to blow smoke up our own asses, but how hilarious was last night's Roast of Pamela Anderson? Here's some of the online buzz:

The New York Times calls it "raucous, nauseating, and often funny."

The blog Productshop NYC has a list of some of the best quips from the night.

One blogger hated the roast, though, saying "I believe (Pamela) is owed a huge apology."

(We can't really think of a better endorsement than that!)

If you missed the roast, never fear! Here are this week's encore presentations:

Tonight, 9:30 pm
Tuesday, 2am
Thursday, 9:30 pm and 12am
Saturday, 1am and 3am (Uncensored!)

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San Francisco:

Mike Daisey’s Monopoly

Nobody tells a better story than subversive comic genius Mike Daisey. He's performing his latest monologue, Monopoly, this Sunday in San Francisco. Monopoly is about "inventor Nikola Tesla and his war with Thomas Edison over electricity… Microsoft's historic antitrust lawsuit, the checkered history of the game Monopoly and ultimately the story of Daisey's hometown and its one remaining retailer: Wal-Mart."

Show: Monopoly!
Date: This Sunday August 14, 2005

Time: 7pm
Place: Berkeley Repertory Theatre
Price: $5
More information: 510.647.2949

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Tags: Jimmy Kimmel
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"The woman has screwed more musicians than Napster" – Roastmaster Jimmy Kimmel

Tonight: See exclusive footage of Tommy Lee roasting his ex-wife on ACCESS HOLLYWOOD.
Tomorrow: Exclusive footage of Courtney Love on THE INSIDER.

(Check local listings for both.)

And while we're at it, here are some funny photos and commentary of Courtney Love at the roast.

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The Roast of Pamela Anderson: What DIDN'T Courtney Do?

Ah, Courtney Love. For the past 10+ years she's been the world's go-to gal for stories on drugged up/drunked-up/crazed behavior. Need an anecdote about high-pitched screeching mixed with the throwing of personal effects with a smear of red lipstick? Done aaand done!

This past Sunday Courtney didn't try to steal Pamela Anderson's spotlight so much as knock it over, put it in a stranglehold and spill bourbon all over it. Instead of reporting on all her typical Courtney behavior, we've decided to make a game of this entry. We'll make a list of the things she did at the Roast, and then for giggles we'll throw in one thing Courtney DIDN'T do at the Roast. You can decide which is which. Invite some friends over, make a game of it!

Did Courtney Love:

-Tell comedian Eddie Griffin that he was "cute" and "African American" and then proudly proclaim that she had been to jail?


-Take off her sweater and throw it across the stage?


-Quote Chris Rock's bit about a woman over forty's breasts not being "community tits" anymore and then proceed to lift her shirt?


-Find a small, cancer-ridden puppy under her seat and nursing it back to health by cradling it in her bosom and singing it a stirring rendition of "Que Sera Sera?"


-Lift her skirt repeatedly, at one point even sticking her finger out to simulate the male genitalia?


-Primp Pamela's hair during a commercial break and then claim it was "too big" when the cameras were rolling?


-Make an off-color remark to our interviewer involving Harvey Weinstein and a party at the Four Seasons?


-Point to her nosejob as the reason she's gotten as far as she has?

You can watch coverage of the Roast tonight on The Insider (no relation) on CBS. Check local listings for time.

The Comedy Central Roast of Pamela Anderson premieres this Sunday night at 10p / 9c.

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Last week we reported The Apiary's rumor that Christian Finnegan would be starring in a movie with Reno 911!'s Tom Lennon. This week, Kambri Crews confirms it on her website:

"New York, NY - Christian Finnegan was cast in the independent feature film Eden Court produced by Printers Row Pictures and starring Thomas Lennon (Reno 911), Kimberly Williams-Paisley (Father of the Bride and According to Jim) and Stephnie Weir (MadTV).

Based on a screenplay written by Murphy Guyer, and originally produced for the stage in New York and other cities, Eden Court is a coming of age comedy about a former baseball player in search of a more meaningful life than his current trailer park existence has to offer."

Read more here.

Or here.

Watch Christian's classic appearance as "Chad" on Chappelle's Show.