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Latest Posts: Wednesday April 23, 2014

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Stella extras you won't find anywhere else:

An Interview with Stella

Stella Outtakes

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"Daily Show spoof leads to firing of Broward Art Guild chief"

"The guild's board of directors on Wednesday fired executive director Susan Buzzi, who has worked there at least 10 years, after she appeared in a Daily Show spoof on an explicit art piece without consulting them."

(Or maybe she was fired over that controversial jacket?)

Here's the Ed Helms piece that started it all.

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Dl_m5_wine_1If you're like us, you experience excruciating pain every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 11 pm. Why? Because The Daily Show With Jon Stewart isn't on. We try to fill the void with social activities, time with family, and sobbing quietly alone in a corner, but nothing works. Until now.

Starting Friday, July 29, DL Hughley will fill your weekends with a new kind of late-night show. Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 11, he'll have special guests, surprise drop-bys from his celebrity friends, a house band, and a bunch of other stuff we promise is funny. (The CC Insider will never lie to you.)

Watch a preview of Weekends at the DL, find out more about the show, or get tickets to a taping, here.

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Tonight, comedy lovers will descend upon New York's Central Park for a reunion of the Upright Citizen's Brigade cast, who will perform improv on the Summerstage – it starts at 7 but get there early for a good spot! You can find all the information (and an adorable map) here.

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On last night's show, Jon talked about the internet movement to bring back the couch they recently replaced by a table. So we did some surfing around and found the site he was talking about (now with merchandise!)

Bring Back the Couch!

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Mencia wonders: does Desperate Housewives accurately depict our nation's gardeners?

Desperate Gardeners and More Desperate Gardeners.

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What's that burning plastic smell? It's the Comedy Central Roast of Pamela Anderson! Pamela has agreed to be the first woman to be roasted on Comedy Central, as long as she can donate her fee to her favorite cause, PETA. Roast Master Jimmy Kimmel says:

"This will be the filthiest night that even Pam has experienced in front of a video camera. I'm getting a special penis tattoo to commemorate it."

We've put up a new photo gallery to get you in the mood for Pamela-roasting.

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Former Time columnist and movie critic Joel Stein weighs in with his latest comedy movie list: The Five Most Overrated and Underrated Comedy Actors.

A sample:


3) John Belushi

Proof: The Blues Brothers

Exception that Proves the Rule: Animal House

Belushi‚Äôs two modes — laconic cool and unhinged energy — were electrifying, but it‚Äôs only funny in the way that it‚Äôs funny the first time you see someone get all coked up. The Germans-bombing-Pearl-Harbor-speech in Animal House is brilliant, but most of the time Belushi is nowhere near the material, just eager to throw food or chop things with a sword.


4) Michael J. Fox

Proof: Back to the Future

Exception that Proves the Rule: Teen Wolf

Behind the bland likeability, Michael J. Fox is a frustrated, restless, neurotic mess, ready to lash out at anyone in his way. When that subtext was outed –- by a short kid who can dunk when he turns into a werewolf –- the joke momentarily lost its subtlety.

Read the rest of Joel Stein’s Five Most Overrated and Underrated Comedy Actors.