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Latest Posts: Wednesday April 23, 2014

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Luckily for President Bush, it's not illegal to change the grounds on which you would fire someone.

(Tonight's Daily Show: Billy Bob Thornton will sit in the chair, and Lewis Black will be Back In Black.)

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The Apiary, an awesome New York comedy blog, has an exclusive new interview with Demetri Martin today.

Related: Demetri's stand-up video.

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Mencia wonders: if you're ugly and you die, does anyone really care?

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Spotted last week by one of our spies:

"Jim Gaffigan pacing the hallway and practicing his set (I guess that was what he was doing talking to himself) at St. Vincent's Hospital, while his wife was getting a sonogram."

(More on Jim and his ever-expanding family at his official website.)

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A lot of people complain about hack stand-up comedy, but comedy writer Steve Rosenthal has actually done something about it: he's created the comprehensive guide. Some examples of what not to do:

2e "I was in Alabama recently…"

‚ÄúAnd let me guess… hmmm… were the people there stupid and inbred perhaps? The stupid incest Southerner joke was put to rest when Dennis Miller said, "There are people in Alabama who are their own fathers." That's it. It doesn't get any bigger or better than that.‚Äù

5d "Am I going too fast for you sir?"

“A typical trick is to pick someone up front to turn the audience against by making the person look really stupid, either by pointing out their confusion or by explaining the last joke to them. I know of at least two comics who poke fun of the same seat at exactly the same time during their acts.”

Read the Complete Guide to Hack Stand-up Comedy

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The Daily Show's writers work around the clock to bring you the best fake headlines every night. But sometimes there just isn't time for every joke. Each time that happens, a Daily Show Web-Only Headline is born. Daily Show Web-Only Headlines come in categories as exciting as:




And more.

(Hint: they're even funnier if you imagine Jon saying them.)

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Ever wonder why Reno's Deputy Travis Junior joined the force? In this web-exclusive new video interview, Travis tells all. Our favorite quote:

"I thought about joining the FBI for about 20 minutes after I saw that movie with Jodie Foster and a guy who was eatin' people in his basement, but I was really stoned, and, honestly…I also thought for about 20 minutes about makin' a dress out of people."

Tags: RENO 911!
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Wednesday night, Jon interviewed former CBS news correspondent and author of "100 People Who Are Screwing Up America" Bernard Goldberg – and people haven't stopped talking about it since. Watch the entire interview here.

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Stella's Michael Showalter wrote and directed The Baxter, one of the most anticipated comedies of the summer. The Baxter has a fantastic cast including Paul Rudd, Michelle Williams, Elizabeth Banks, and Stella's Michael Ian Black and David Wain. Michael Showalter recently wrote about his inspiration for the film on the website Boomsalon:

"I love Bill Pullman‚Äôs character from ‚ÄúSleepless In Seattle.‚Äù I identify much more with him than with Tom Hanks…But in the middle of the movie Pullman gets dumped by Meg Ryan and then he‚Äôs never heard from again. His character is thrust into that murky, loose-ended cinematic netherworld where peripheral characters go after they no longer serve the movie‚Äôs larger cause, which is in this case bringing Tom and Meg together forever. But after ‚ÄúWalter‚Äù leaves (that‚Äôs his name in the film), everything starts to drag; the movie becomes unfunny. Moreover, I felt sorry for Walter. I thought, what about his story? How does it end? Does he get love too? It seemed like a good underdog premise. That was the seed for me."

The Baxter opens in New York on August 26th and Los Angeles on September 2nd, with more cities to follow.

Continue reading Michael Showalter.

Watch the trailer for The Baxter.