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Latest Posts: Thursday April 24, 2014

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If you're any kind of a real Futurama fan, you've probably already got a tattoo of a Futurama poster on your face, but do you have an actual Futurama poster signed by the actual Matt Groening hanging on your wall? Well, over the next five months, you'll have five chances to get your nerdy paws on exactly that, and all you have to do is tell us how much you love the show.

Once a month, we'll ask you a question. Leave your answer in the comments or on the corresponding Futurama Facebook post, and one answerer each month will be selected to win a Futurama poster signed by Matt Groening.

To reiterate, these posters were not signed by the notorious Matt Groening imposter, Schmatt Feigning.

So, without any further adieu, here is the first question: Which is your favorite season 6 episode?

Need to bone up on season 6 before you answer? Good news, everyone! You can pick it up on DVD or Blu-ray.

Good luck! And don't miss new episodes of Futurama when they return in June!

Click here for the complete rules, and here's what the poster looks like:

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Next month, Comedy Central will premiere The Half Hour, an all-new series of stand-up specials each clocking in at 47 minutes. No, wait, I have that wrong. I'm being told they are actually each a half-hour long. Who knew?

So who's going to be on the show? How about Joe Mande? How about Garfunkel & Oates? How about Jesse Popp? How about Neal Brennan, Na'im Lynn, David O'Doherty, Michael Palascak, Rory Scovel, Maronzio Vance, gold-medalist Mary Lou Retton, Nick Vatterott, Theo Von and Brendon Walsh? Impressive, right? And I'm only lying about one of them. Watch this trailer and see if you can figure out who:

For more, don't miss the two episode premiere, Friday, May 11 at 11/10c and 11:30/10:30c, with two new episodes each following Friday.

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Statistics have proven that individuals who attend two or more years of college earn higher salaries, have better credit ratings and get yelled at significantly less, at least in the universe Paul F. Tompkins inhabits:

"What's a matter with you, bozo?! You too good for college?! Huh?! Get out of my sight! Go on, go! To college!" Yeah, that's about how it went down in my household. Thanks for the motivation, mom.

Paul F. Tompkins: Laboring Under Delusions premieres Saturday at 11/10c.

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Before the invention of soulful, sexy music, everyone used to make love to marching band music. That's why you can't take old people to high school football games. Fortunately, sometime in the 60's, musicians discovered soul music when someone played the saxophone in the proximity of rose-scented candles and the world has never been the same. Cedric the Entertainer's new song "Sex Wichoo" is destined to become the new standard for those sensual summer nights.

The music video was created to celebrate the upcoming Hot In Cleveland spin-off The Soul Man starring Cedric the Entertainer premiering on TV Land Wednesday, June 20 at 10/9c.

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Patton Oswalt is a man of many talents, one of which includes rewriting the history of western religion. In the following clip, he introduces Jesus' hoagie-pushing sidekick from an earlier version of the Bible, Sandwich Joe:

Comedy Central Stand-Up
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Can you imagine, if the authors of The Bible had kept the Sandwich Joe character, how much better the world would be? Christ has enough on his plate without having to worry about how thin mankind looked. I can get behind this, seriously. Do they allow rewrites to this thing?

Patton's special, Patton Oswalt: Finest Hour, makes its network television premiere this Saturday at 10/9c.

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If there was a Comedy Award for most prolific comedian on Twitter, it would almost surely go to @KevinHart4Real, who has tweeted well over 13,000 times! But is he the Funniest Person on Twitter? That's for you to decide. Head over here to check out all of the nominees and to vote for your favorite.

There was a problem connecting to Twitter. There was a problem connecting to Twitter. There was a problem connecting to Twitter.

The second annual Comedy Awards airs Sunday, May 6 at 9/8c.

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The Dark Knight was an excellent film with one glaring flaw. Remember when Joker says "Want to see a magic trick?" Did I miss something or did he never perform a magic trick? He just stabs a guy with a pencil. I waited the entire movie for him to pull a rabbit out of a hat or something.

Tonight, Ugly Americans premieres its episode titled The Dork Knight. Hopefully, it won't succumb to that same magic-related pitfall. Here's the trailer for the episode:

Is that not enough to whet your appetite? This clip should be enough to get your appetite all nice and whet:



Ugly Americans airs tonight at 10:30/9:30c after South Park.

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In anticipation of the upcoming Paul F. Tompkins special, Laboring Under Delusions, we're sharing some clips of Paul at work. Here, he discusses his stint on Best Week Ever:

Comedy Central Stand-Up
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Good stuff, but speak for yourself, Paul F.: I hear "Scrubs" all the time, watching Law & Order or not. Wanna see my scrapbook of eyeless J.D.s? We're best friends, you know. OK, enough, give it back.

Paul F. Tompkins: Laboring Under Delusions premieres Saturday, April 21 at 11/10c.

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The Comedy Central Roast of Charlie Sheen was notable for a lot of reasons: It was the most-watched Roast in Comedy Central history, it featured the most onstage nose-breakings, it tied the Roast record for the fewest jokes about rutabaga, the list goes on. And now you can relive the whole thing on DVD.

Click here to order your copy now. In the meantime, here are some highlights:

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The Dalai Lama has over four million Twitter followers, but does he ever tweet about his butthole? Only in metaphors. That's why he's not nominated for Funniest Person on Twitter at The Comedy Awards, and that's also just one of the many reasons @SarahKSilverman is.

There was a problem connecting to Twitter. There was a problem connecting to Twitter. There was a problem connecting to Twitter.

Click here to see all the nominees and vote for your favorite.

The second annual Comedy Awards airs Sunday, May 6 at 9/8c.