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Latest Posts: Thursday April 24, 2014

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The New York Comedy Festival is over. Time to sadly pack away the comedy tinsel and decorations for next year. But don't start tearing up yet, there's still one last remain of the festival: Kyle Kinane.

At UCBeast last week, Kinane discussed the Toby Keith Bar & Grill in Las Vegas, what he did with his last perceived five minutes of life, the time he freed a skunk from a mayonnaise jar and the side effects of loving parents. Kyle also answered some of our questions about his new stand-up special and the Titanic. Read on.

Who do you like to see live?
Always have fun seeing Matt Braunger, Pete Holmes, they're my friends — saw Pete today randomly on the street.

Those are all Chicago guys, right?
Yeah. Stems from there.

Do you think that's affected your style? Being from the Midwest?
I don't know. I think we're just a bunch of guys that really liked writing new material every week and going to the open mic, 'Do you have new stuff? Do you have new stuff? Please watch the new stuff.'

Your one-hour special Whiskey Icarus premieres Saturday, November 24 at 11/10c. What is a Whiskey Icarus?
It's a punchline. It's the nickname I gave myself. I got a DUI. The myth of Icarus and the whiskey of whiskey.

What is your favorite whiskey?
Oh man, I usually just drink Jameson. I've been getting Scotch lately.

Have you tried honey whiskey?
I don't want it to taste good. It should taste like poison. Stop after a couple.

If you could do stand-up during any historical period when would you do it?
I think if you did stand-up on the Titanic, that would be a pretty legendary thing. Someone who kept telling jokes.

Like the violin players playing as the ship sunk?
Yeah, kind of like the same thing. But if you were really good you would just stay on the boat and riff. If you were really good some people would also stay in the audience and go down with you. Granted, nobody can write a review of the show. It would be a testament to your skill set if you could keep a couple of people in the audience.

Tune in to the premiere of Whiskey Icarus, Saturday, November 24 at 11/10c. Watch a preview:

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The New York Comedy Festival is like a really cool rainbow. Some of us saw it, and when it was over we had to tell others all about it. For the record, I majored in Amazing Analogies at Ivy League University.

Last week Gabe Liedman opened for Patton Oswalt at Town Hall, declaring that Hurricane Sandy hit him so hard that he "almost ran out of shit to watch." Liedman went on to dissect Game of Thrones, the fantasy genre and holding in huge veggie farts on a J-Date.

Patton entered the stage coughing, claiming that he doesn't have any "fitness goals." He described contemplating a blissful suicide to Toto's "Africa" while Lean Cuisine shopping, making horrible decisions for seconds of pleasure, telling his Bagger Vance that his brain will be used for dick jokes and his apologies to masturbation.

Nearing the end, Patton thanked the crowd for coming out and announced that half the proceeds of the night were going to the American Red Cross. He also marveled that "you could have seen Brian Regan and you came here." It's been well documented that Oswalt loves Regan. Patton even ended his show with an encore (a practice that Regan has been doing for years). Backstage Oswalt said that he usually doesn't do encores but felt that tonight he needed to and that Regan is a legend that "has to do them."

Joining Patton backstage were two audience members: Chris Rock and Robin Williams. Rock shook Patton's hand and said, "I better get writing." Seeing this was better than a double rainbow.

More New York Comedy Festival coverage is on the way. Watch the entire Comics to Watch showcase at


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If there are three things Owen Benjamin knows, it's puppies, Leonardo diCaprio and comedians. He has combined all of these things into the perfect metaphor for the Comics to Watch showcase as part of the New York Comedy Festival. This show features ten up-and-coming stand-ups hand-selected by Comedy Central.

Watch the full length digital premiere TODAY at 4pm ET/1pm PT on and live tweet with @OwenBenjamin and all the #ComicsToWatch comedians. The full special will be available to watch until Thursday, November 15. Enjoyment guaranteed.

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Move over moving pictures, all the kids are into the podcasts these days. Last night at the Gramercy Theater two podcasts: You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes and The Meltdown with Jonah Ray and Kumail Nanjiani recorded live with a variety of stand-up guests (Kurt Metzger, Hari Kondabolu, Gabe Liedman, Chelsea PerettiEugene MirmanJared Logan).

In the photo above (from You Made It Weird), Chelsea Peretti can be seen on a couch where she remained for most of the night "spooning herself." Pete Holmes recalled meeting his wife as Salem Witch Trial reenactors and cited Marc Maron's WTF podcast as an influence on his podcast. Then there was The Meltdown, which was named the number-one comedy show in Los Angeles, and featured surprise guests  Jim Gaffigan and Hannibal Buress.

Comedy podcasts have exploded over the past few years and they're a lot like Pokemon, you got to catch them all. That was another reference for the kids.

More New York Comedy Festival coverage is on the way. Watch the entire Comics to Watch showcase this Monday, November 12 at 4pm ET/1pm PT on, and live-tweet with Owen Benjamin and all the comedians. Happy Birthday!

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When Artie Lange gets honest, he gets REALLY honest. Last night at Town Hall, Lange opened up about his time in rehab, playing Scrabble in psych wards and getting offers to write tweets for Kim Kardashian. He explained why those under 25 are part of the gayest generation and went on a tirade when an audience member yelled out A-Rod's name. Even Artie admitted that "some of these aren't jokes, they're just pure anger."

Despite his troubles over the past two years, Artie still aims to provide guidance and wisdom. He left the audience with this advice for 12-year-olds: "If you give a hooker money to go get cocaine, she will never come back."

Artie opened and closed with standing ovations as he exclaimed, "I'm back, motherf**kers." Currently you can see him on the Nick and Artie Show on DirectTV with Nick DiPaolo, and Artie hinted that a Hurricane Sandy benefit show is in the works featuring him, Nick and Dave Attell.

Stay tuned for more coverage from the New York Comedy Festival.

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I don't throw the term "hero" around often, but that's exactly what Owen Benjamin is. When Comics to Watch host Pete Holmes' flight was canceled, Owen braved the snowstorm and said, "I'll host this." And that's how last night's Comics to Watch at Carolines on Broadway, as part of the New York Comedy Festival was saved.

The ten stand-ups hand-selected by Comedy Central – Andrew Santino, Asif Ali, Brooks Wheelan, Chris Distefano, David Agyekum, Hampton Yount, Kate Berlant, Liza Treyger, Matt D and Phil Hanley — delved into topics of linear time, Eskimos on acid, trail mix and anti-marijuana ads. A bra was thrown on the stage and Owen Benjamin did car bombs with members of the audience. It was a great night for comedy and the world.

If you missed this show, you can watch the full length digital premiere on Monday, November 12 at 4pm ET/1pm PT on and live tweet with Owen and all the comedians. Take a nap now, get your rest — this is going to be good.

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If you ever wondered what an M.C. Escher digital album would sound like, it would probably sound like T.J. Miller's Mash Up Audiofile, dropping Tuesday, November 13. The album is a companion piece to Mash Up and contains stand-up plus music/comedy mashups. Bonus tracks feature hip hop luminary Steinski, as well as Second City's Jesse Case, who did all the music for Miller’s debut comedy music album, The Extended Play EP. This is a mash up of Mash Up which is already a mash up — you get it.

Watch a highlight from Mash Up and tune in to new episodes, Tuesdays at 12:30am/11:30c.

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The best way to really appreciate a comic is to watch closely, listen quietly, observe fully and inhale deeply. You can do all of those things at this year's Comics to Watch tomorrow night  at 7pm at Carolines on Broadway with host Pete Holmes and ten up-and-coming comedians (hand selected by Comedy Central).

Click here to buy your tickets with discount code CTW and it'll cost you just $5. Even babies can afford that.

Here's the lineup:

Andrew Santino

Asif Ali

Brooks Wheelan

Chris Distefano

David Agyekum

Hampton Yount

Kate Berlant

Liza Treyger

Matt D

Phil Hanley

If you can't make the live show, watch the full length digital premiere on Monday, November 12 at 4pm/3c on and stay tuned for more coverage from the New York Comedy Festival.


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The New York Comedy Festival (for comedy fans) combines the excitement of Christmas morning with the longevity of Hanukkah. From Wednesday, November 11 through Sunday, November 17, you can see big comedy shows (like Aziz Ansari at Carnegie Hall or Jim Gaffigan at the Apollo Theater or Kevin Hart at Madison Square Garden) or more intimate comedy shows (like Kyle Kinane at UCBeast or Hannibal Buress at Santos Party House). I could list more, but then the Internet would explode.

Go to the website, peruse the schedule, buy tickets HERE. Do it NOW.

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Where were we before status updates, retweeting and pintresting? Cave-dwelling and oral history-making, if I recall. Social networking has changed everything and Chris Hardwick (with 1.7 million Twitter followers) enjoys it — except for MySpace and Facebook. Sorry Tom Anderson and Mark Zuckerberg.

Watch a preview from Chris's one-hour stand-up special "Mandroid," premiering Saturday, November 10 at 11/10c.