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Latest Posts: Wednesday April 23, 2014

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When you think about cowboys, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Nigeria, right? Of course. So these designs from tonight’s all-new Futurama, “Viva Mars Vegas,” just make sense together.

“Viva Mars Vegas” airs tonight at 10/9c, and Futurama’s one-hour season finale airs next Wednesday at the same time.

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I don’t know about you guys, but I think these stills from this week’s all-new Futurama, “Viva Mars Vegas,” once and for all prove that old adage, “A fool and his money are soon fabulous!”

“Viva Mars Vegas” airs tomorrow night at 10/9c, and Futurama’s one-hour season finale airs next Wednesday at the same time.

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Did Mitt Romney claim his unicorns as dependents? Did he write off $2,000,000 in caviar enemas as a healthcare expense? Those are just a couple of the many questions that won't be answered until the Governor releases his tax returns. And that's where the President's Anger Translator comes in. Obama and Luther are back with a brand-new batch of videos just in time for the election, and they're not taking "no" for an answer.

Stay tuned for more with Obama and Luther, and don't miss the second season premiere of Key & Peele, Wednesday, September 26 at 10:30/9:30c.

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Earlier today we kicked off our Countdown to next Wednesday’s season finale of Futurama with a character design from this weeks episode, “Viva Mars Vegas,” and I promised to deliver one new exclusive goody each day. But I lied, because today we’ve got a second item for you.

It’s the first clip from “Viva Mars Vegas” and it features Zoidberg and Clamps in a dumpster.

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There’s an all-new Futurama this Wednesday at 10/9c, and then the one-hour season finale airs next Wednesday at the same time. And while it’s a bummer the season is ending, we’re going to soften the blow by giving you a different exclusive look at the last three episodes every day until the finale!

First up, here’s your first glimpse of Blind Joe from this week’s episode, “Viva Mars Vegas,” which finds the Planet Express crew planning a casino heist to recover stolen property from the robot mafia.

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In case you haven’t heard, it’s basically Jeff Ross Day around these parts. Fresh off another unforgettable Roast performance, his special Jeff Ross Roasts America drops on DVD today exclusively through Amazon and his brand-new series The Burn with Jeff Ross premieres tonight at 10:30/9:30c.

Last night, Jeff stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about the Roast of Roseanne and what we can expect from the new show:

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This fall will see one of the most pivotal moments in the future of our great nation. I’m speaking of course about the second season of Key & Peele which will bring with it more of Obama and his Anger Translator Luther.

Until then, you can watch Obama lose his sh*t all over again in a new playlist featuring all of the original Luther videos.

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Ever since I spent that ill-advised night down by the docks, I have dreaded "the burn." But now there's finally a Burn to look forward to. It's The Burn with Jeff Ross, a new series that finds the Roast Master General going beyond the dais and roasting the world, and it premieres Tuesday, August 14 at 10:30/9:30c.


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In case you didn't know, August is the eighth month of the year and was added to the calendar in 2007 to commemorate the release of the Freddie Highmore vehicle August Rush. And it's a good thing it was, because it gives us one more month for free comedy shows at Comedy Central Stage.

All shows take place at The Hudson in Hollywood, start at 8pm and have limited seating. Call (323) 960-5519 for reservations.

7 Tuesday
Jim Florentine
This show will take you on a roller coaster of emotions of a troubled man’s life. A must see! A stand-up comedian, radio host and actor, Jim has appeared on VH1’s The Metal Show and Comedy Central’s Crank Yankers.

9 Thursday
Writers' Reading Series
People telling the truth about their funny lives. With Jean Black, Johnny Walker, Debbie Jhoon, Jeff Kahn and Loretta Fox. Presented by Jill Soloway, Maggie Rowe and Andersen Gabrych.

15 Wednesday
Amanda Lund and Maria Blasucci
BEANS! is an improvised two-woman show starring Maria Blasucci and Amanda Lund. They perform regularly at iO West and at the Westside Comedy Theatre and have been seen at the Del Close Marathon in New York, the Los Angeles Improv Festival and the Chicago Improv Festival.

16 Thursday
Carlos Kotkin, Bill Ratner and Antonio Sacre
The Three Tellers: Carlos Kotkin, author of Please God, Let It Be Herpes; Bill Ratner, Eight-Time Moth Champion; and Antonio Sacre, winner of the United Solo NYC Theater Award for Best Storyteller, bring you stories of hilarity that you won’t believe. Seriously.

20 Monday
Written and Performed by Ithamar Enriquez & Brian Shortall
Remember those sitcoms you and your family watched growing up and you just couldn’t get enough of? Cosby…Cheers…Whitney…Dynasty…A Movie…Cosby. Well, Delicious Moments doesn’t. BUT, they decided to make our own, in front of an audience. Watch Delicious Moments break the fifth wall. Guest starring Peter Grosz and Brian Hunt.

21 Tuesday
Comedic Storytelling
A-Broad Stories is a comedy show featuring Los Angeles female storytellers and comedians all reading essays about their experiences stepping outside of their comfort zone. Hosted by Stacy Adamski and Carla Snowden with music by Nikki Muller.

23 Thursday
Bingo Bongo and the Stinky Sandwich
Sketch comedy group Slow Children Crossing are back again. They will remind you of how hard you can laugh, and then literally make you sneeze into your brain, and that’s the truth. Featuring Brett Butler, Alem Sapp, Saudia Rashed, Tiffany Thomas and Destini Meshack.

28 Tuesday
Matt McConkey and Erin Pineda
Erin & Matt fancy themselves a Will & Grace for the 21st century…but poorer, meaner, and dumber. She can’t sing and he can’t play guitar, but that won’t stop them from pursuing their dreams as a musical duo. Because sometimes, when you hate everyone and everything, all you got is each other.

29 Wednesday
All of Her Sexual Partners!
Kate Frisbee performs sexy crazy cool sketch comedy with some of her talented “Sexual Partners.” Written by Kate Frisbee, Tony Cavalero, Allison Dunbar & Danielle Morrow. This show also features: H. Michael Croner, Mark Primiano, and Greg Worswick. As well as sensual music performed by Sara Cravens and Andrew Samples.

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Would you like to experience all the fun of this year's San Diego Comic Con without finding out what a sweaty Wookie costume smells like? You're in luck, because the entire Workaholics panel is now available to watch online!